In fulfilling our corporate responsibility, the Coca-Cola foundation has established education sponsorships and programs. This is our way of uplifting the lives of our diligent customers through programs like Project Hope inChina, rainwater harvesting inIndiaand the Little Red Schoolhouse in Philippine. Despite the huge success of the Coca-Cola Company, there are a number of opportunities and threats facing our profitability and expansion (Sicher, 2005).

The opportunities include introduction of new products like Vanilla coke, Diet Vanilla Coke, Sprite Remix and Brag’s Floatz in 50 countries worldwide and selected US markets. The brand is becoming increasingly attractive to our global partners due to a strong customer base, unique marketing strategies and heavy portfolio. Thus, renowned companies like Burger King and McDonald get their soft drinks supply from us. The major production and diversification focus is upon core products like Coca-Cola classic in new markets likeLatin America(Sicher, 2005).

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