Sample Essay

Ongoing corporate venturing operations are basically the strategy development, planning as well as execution based operations of new ventures for a specific company. The ventures accounted for in this activity are the ones which are being currently being pursued by the parent company. The ongoing corporate venturing operations are the specific responsibility of the VBO committee which is a separate organization working towards the management of new ventures for a company.

Corporate ventures can be funded through a multitude of channel. The strategy adopted on the funding depends of the risk mitigation strategy and the nature of the business. The various options for funding a venture include financing the business through ones savings which can be invested as the ventures capital. Aside from this the venture capitalist can also go into partnership where the partners can bring in the funding to establish and launch the business. Other options include getting a commercial or corporate business specific loan from the bank or a financial institution. Aside from this lines of credit like a credit card or running finance lines can also be availed by the proprietor to launch the venture. Additionally venture capitalists can also be sought to invest in the company though direct investment for a stake at revenues and profits or though the issuance of shares.

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