Sample Essay

The Marks and Spencer company is a well known and established British institution in the retail sector. The company offers retail services to its customers in more than 40 countries around the world with a total of 885 stores, of which 600 are based in the United Kingdome alone. The company is listed on the London Stock exchange and also runs on the FTSE. Marks and Spencer is one of the largest retailers in the world and has been.;

In the recent years the company has been focusing on efficient operations and in this regard has undertaken prudent management of costs, the supply chain as well as the investments made to the value system. The company seeks to increase long term gain while not compromising on the quality of the products and services provided to the Customers. The marketing management in the company is such that the company provides through its corporate website that “with a strong brand, the right products and an experienced management team, we are now increasing the pace of change and operational execution in the business; leveraging M&S Direct by building more channels to market; building our international portfolio to grow our global customer base; and reinvigorating our brand communications.” ‘About Us- Our Plan’, 2009)

The Marks and Spencer company has its business divided into business division which pertain to food, apparel, furniture, technology as well as home wares. The main products provided by the company fall in these categories while additionally money management services are also offered to the customers through the M&S money option. The company has recently stated that “Overall, our clothing and home ware sales account for 49% of our business. The other 51% of our business is in food, where we sell everything from fresh produce and groceries, to partly-prepared meals and ready meals” (‘About Us-Company Overview’, 2009). The entire product and service offering of the retailer are made available to the customers though the internet except for the M&S simply food related products and services which have not been made available through the Marks and Spencer online shopping portal.

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