Sample Essay

The Boeing Company has organized its business Operations into four business units. These business units pertain to the Boeing Commercial Planes, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Engineering Operations & Technology, Boeing Capital Corporations and Shared Services Groups.

The Boeing Commercial Planes is responsible for the manufacture of the commercial aircrafts which are distributed to clients through the globe. The Boeing Integrated Defense Systems are the providers of end to end products and services pertaining to air, water and land transport/ communication for clients in the defense sector  The Engineering Operations & Technology is a support business unit which provides innovation, technology and resources for Boeing and its affiliates on a global scale. The Boeing Capital Corporations is a separate business unit that deals with the provision of financial solutions to customers. This business unit works along with Boeing to help the clients work out financing plans for Boeing products and services. on the other hand the business unit dedicated to Shared Services Groups is another support unit which deals coordination, communication and strategic management of the global operations for Being and its affiliates.

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