Sample Essay

The limitations that are presented by the Gestalt therapy include the fact that the therapy does not have a clearly defined role and theory for the development of human organisms. There is limited research and development conducted on the topic which tends to put a constraint on the application and the utilization of the theory. “Knowledge of conditions that are necessary for healthy development could be expanded to how human development accounts for contact change over the entire life of the human organism.

Not having those constructs available leaves the therapist theoretically unsupported of what is most effective in the therapeutic process with clients who are afflicted by certain kinds of developmental damage and/or deficiencies. There have been modest attempts undertaken by Gestalt therapists to change this, and they point towards promising future additions.” (Kirchner) Aside from this the critical also argue that the Gestalt theory is limited in terms of its relation to psychoanalytical disorders of a much serious nature. It can be rendered useless when faced with personality disorders, as well as psychological dysfunction. Moreover in acute cases where mind alternating and modifying agents might be required in the treatment of the patients, the Gestalt therapy is rendered impotent for use by the therapists. Another limitation that exists against the Gestalt Therapy is that the Therapist has excessive control over the session, and has the power to abuse this responsibility. They can involve personal issues into the therapy sessions which can affect the results of the session in a negative manner for the clients.

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