Sample Essay

One of the main aspects of the Gestalt theory is that it takes into account the effects that the environment has on a human organism. This can turn against the therapy as multicultural considerations have to be taken into account by the therapists. The lives of the clients are impacted by many elements both internal and external in nature. These elements have to be accounted for. Moreover since the therapist assumes a non judgmental role in the therapy session pertaining to Gestalt theory, the client is the one who decides the results and the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.

This can be ambiguous and overwhelming for the client who is inexperienced with Gestalt therapy. Moreover each client has unique contacts, social interactions and interfaces with the environment. This results in a unique and customized session for each separate type of client which requires extensive experience and knowledge on part of the therapist.

It has been established that very little research and explorative studies are present on the subject of Gestaltic Theory due to the nature of the theory and the expertise required for the research to be undertaken. However, the research which was available has revealed that Gestalt therapy theory is unique in terms of its application, its use in context with psychoanalysis. The therapy can be employed by therapists to enforce the clients to foray into themselves and identify the problems which are effecting their actions and behavior negatively/. These problems like addition, disengagement and depression can be solved by personal development initiated on part of the client.

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