Sample Essay

When determining the leadership and the motivation strategies for the company it needs to recognized that the company is going to be a multinational company operating in more than one company and having a very diverse staff at both ends, at the head quarters in Dubai as well as in the offices at Germany. The main reason for having a culturally as well as a geographically diverse staff in both places of operations is to facilitate the business coordination and to brings everyone on the same level in terms of familiarity with the culture and bonding and forming relationships of both personal and interpersonal nature in the business context.

Having a strong leadership in both Germany as well as Dubai is very important as the added region of operations and the subsequent expansion tends to put additional pressure on the company increasing its risks. “Leadership is a responsibility that must be practiced fulltime. Each minute must be spent wisely, and this is not easy. Because it involves the complexities and eccentricities of people, leadership almost defies description and understanding. Along the same line, it is still virtually impossible to identify with certainty, the specific causal factors that determine leadership success at a specific time and place. This is because real-life situations are in a constant state of change, with many factors or variables in place at the same time.” (Weiss, 2005) Therefore the best method of setting the leadership in the local host region would be to have a German person in the top position leading the company along with the management in the Dubai region. This would facilitate the acceptance of the staff in Germany of the leadership as well as create acceptance and recognition of the presence of the company in the local German market.

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