Sample Essay

The Systems of Systems Methodology was initially established in the first half of the 20th century in 1940s. The Systems of Systems Methodology is part of the systems thinking which provides that the organization is an entity which is made up of smaller systems much like the biological systems and organizations. Moreover the main theory being the systems thinking is that all the systems that exist in the organization are all open to the environments as opposed to the closed concept that was traditionally established (‘What is systems thinking’).  The systems thinking is a way to approach the problems and the situations that are faced by us in the current scenario.

                The organizations can have complex as well as simple systems. The combination of the organization and system complexity as well as the relationship nature of the participants in the system determines the systems of systems methodology that can be applied to the work place problem.  The participants’ relationship characteristics that are considered for system thinking are unitary, pluralist and coercive. The unitary relationship has parties where there is common interest, and the conflicts are few and transient as the people involved tend to agree on the ends and the means. The power in the unitary relationship is replaced with the conception of leaderships and the controls. The pluralist relationship is applicable where the parties have diverging interests but a basis for similarities and compatibility can be formed on them with similarities being raised on the core values. The power in such a relationship is of medium level which can be used to resolve the conflicts.

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