Sample Essay

The Mac OS is based on the UNIX platform in the open source. This has enabled the users to create and highly customize the Mac OS according to their specific requirements and needs. Alben highlighted in her Muriel prize winning article about the approach taken by apple for Mac OS that provides that apple conceived the Mac OS to be “a computing environment that allows people to choose what works for them. Instead of having to conform to the confines pf the computer, they will work and play and learn in a way that better fits their needs and wants.

These customizable appearances take the Mac OS beyond the utilitarian operating systems currently available” (Alben, 1997). The UNIX base of the Mac OS has made it more reliable as well as less faulty as it has been extensively tested, used and adjusted to eliminate any possible faulty code or programming by peers. The open source nature of the Linux and UNIX has allowed users to fine tune software and additional application software for the Mac OS (Lerner & Tirole, 2005).

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