Lastly, the concepts included in the message should be well designed so as not to include some controversial concepts which could as well cause the reverse of the expected advertisement outcome. Therefore, as the marketing department formulates the message on the advertisement, the personnel should be extra careful so as not to include any religious prejudices political ideas, acts of terrorism and sexual practices. The Muslims are quite sensitive about their religion. Therefore, if a message is to be designed, then the above considerations have to be included in the strategy. This not only goes for the advert but also in the general PR. Whenever there is an issue being considered in the public relations, then the above said factors have to be included, failure to which the strategy won’t work (Akhter, Abassi and Umar, 2011).

In conclusion, this essay has looked at the role of Islam as a religion in advertising and public relations. After the introduction, the essay went on to look at the different ways in which Islamic messages can be included in the advertisement. It further looked at the reasons as to why Islamic messages are included in a message to woo the consumers to buying the product or service in question. Lastly, it has laid an emphasis on the examples of Islam in PR and advertising. It is hoped that this essay will be helpful in understanding Islam as away of life and how marketers can utilize this in order to maximize the returns on sales.

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