Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier the marketing and advertising industry in the United Arab Emirates has been booming resulting in extensive scope of business for the company in the region, however this trend stands true for the most of the developed as well as the developing countries in the world. Most of the goods and service providers in the developing countries as well as the developed regions like North America and Europe tend to offer similar products and services to their customers.

As a result in order to differentiate their product/ service offering in the markets from their competitor the companies have started to extensively invest in the branding and the marketing / advertising of their business as well as their product/ service offerings. This has created an opportunist market in the developed regions for the company. As a result the company is planning to expand into the global and international market for marketing and advertising services. This strategy for expansion will give the company access to the international market while enabling its to diversify into different regions. Moreover the company will also be able to better provide, marketing services to their existing international clients. In the long run, the decision of the company to expand into the international market is going to enable it to achieve its objectives of becoming an international business [providing specialized services to their regional as well as global clients

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