Sample Essay

Information and leadership have a strong interdependent relationship. In order to be successful in producing good quality high school and college projects the students need to be technology savvy and should have sufficient information literacy skills to take present their work in an organized and literate manner. In terms of managing a business, the senior management of a company also needs to be technology savvy and have information literacy skills for making critical business decisions.

“Companies need technically-trained people in the executive suite because technology is driving change in every dimension of a business. And why shouldn’t residents of the executives of the future be just as likely to be spawned from the lab as from the legal, sales or finance departments? Let the technically-literate CEO be supported in the legal, finance and sales area just as CEOs from these areas are supported by technically-trained people today.” (‘Promoting technical literacy in the executive suite’, 1995)

The literature review conducted on information literacy provides that leading scholars of the world as well as influential people have the capability adapt to the changing environments and become more technology savvy. Such people use the information technology intelligently to their advantage as a support tool for information analyses for their decision making activities.

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