Sample Essay

Information literacy is the knowledge that one has to actively and intelligently participate in a society. It defines the capability of the person to understand the externalities and the environment, and act intelligently in response to attain the best possible results.  More specifically, information literacy is also referred to the knowledge, learning and literacy of an individual in terms of computers and systems technology. Hughes and Shapiro, in 1996, provided a definition for information literacy which states that information literacy is a form of literacy, which extends the knowledge of a person in terms of how to use computers and navigate to access the specific information he or she wants through the machine.

The world of today has become highly information and technology centric, especially with the advancement of computer technology, faster processing of information and efficiency provided by the new information technology.  A common place where multiple forms of tools are present to test the information literacy of a person is a library where in order to have access to books and data, the individuals have to have knowledge about the specific systems through which the required information can be retrieved.  The paper discusses the aspect of information literacy in terms of intelligence as well as technology as applied in the field of education.

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