Sample Essay

Since the early 20th century the US has witnessed a stark rise in the income inequality. Such inequality between the social structures was last seen before the great depression. Various factors have increased this emerging divide. One important cultural factor influencing this divide includes the practice of density zoning, with has adversely affected the average income levels in metropolitan localities where a segregation of the socioeconomic strata exists between the urban concentration and suburban dispersion (Rothwell 1123). This arrangement can be found in most cities across the country, and can perpetuate economic divisions. The lack of available resources and sound organizational structure are prevalent in neighborhood organizations tackling poverty (Murphy 1164) is also a major socioeconomic element contributing to a loss of upward social mobility.

Research further suggests that suburban localities are at a further disadvantage than localities at the centre of the urban landscape. Intergenerational poverty is exacerbated by the underlying inequalities present in the very fabric ofAmerica’s cities. The common thread is the increasing difficulty of combating poverty when such segregation of economic resources population density and services along socioeconomic lines exist across America.

The cycle of poverty is a hard one to get out of. The poor are prone to mental hardships, depression and anxiety, which may render them incapable of getting back on their feet (Heflin 1051). The hardships forced onto individuals in dire circumstances are shown to have a direct link with and increase in depression. Public health systems are usually inadequate in most localities where poverty is endemic thus, when untreated this depression becomes harmful to the physical health of individuals. This depression may also manifest itself as anger and resentment, fueling crime. The consequences of living in poverty and the material hardships experienced may contribute to a plethora of social ills effecting American society.

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