Research indicates that when people have freedom to create their own wealth, they are able to control even the political power. In a free market economy, people have freedom to come up any form of creations and developments, and this leads to development of diverse forms of organizations. The diversity and voluntary nature of these formations serves a threat to political coercion, and as such, it forms as a basis for counterbalancing power (Vasquez, 2005).

Initially, the government or the ruling regime controlled the means of production, and the commoners had no voice regarding their economic achievements. In such societies however, repression was the dominant thing because people have no choice unless they rely with the choice of the political regime. Such regime is marked with coercion. Through the introduction of capitalism, the government relinquished the power of controlling economic activities leaving it to private individuals. Consequently, such a shift of control of the means of production diminished the power of coercion as the resulting freedom of economic control managed to influence politics.

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