Sample Essay

The market for furniture is developing in the business, commercial as well as home furnishing sectors. The trend for elegant furniture has always been present however now with the increase in incomes available due to stabilized economic conditions and the diverse carrier orientation of the new working generation in the country is making the market for furnishings more fashion conscious as well. A study undertaken to identify the affect on the home furnishing expenses due to the social trends and economic conditions depicted that growth in the sector for home furnishing market. The “long-run trends in the age distribution and ethnic composition of theUSpopulation suggest that the young adult market and Hispanic consumers are market segments that could provide greater opportunities for companies in the home furnishings industry. In addition, building on the fashion orientation that has developed in home fashions during the past 20 years may provide further opportunities. (Pamela, Keum-Kyu & Deanna, 2002)

Another environmental factor that is currently affecting the market for furniture is the increased awareness of environmental conservation, and the increase in ‘green’ furnishings. People are now looking for furnishings which are environmental friendly, fashionable, creative and convenient. For this the market for furniture is even looking into furniture made form alternative forms of material which help in conserving the forests. Aside from this they are also interested in furniture items which can provide multiple functionalities.

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