Sample Essay

The mistake that was made by the project manager Frank Allen was the fact that he let Paul Troy handle the stress test. He did intimate in the beginning that he was uncomfortable assigning the stress test to Paul Troy, however on the assurance of the line manager, he went ahead and let Paul Troy handle and be in charge of the stress test for the project. Instead, Frank Allen should have raised the question to the senior management or others who were the stakeholders in the project to get their opinion and assign a better suited person for the job. Moreover, even after assigning Paul Troy to the job, Franck Allen ignored to provide him with the necessary guidance to work on the project.

The mistake that was made by the Paul Troy which led to the overrun of the project in terms of costs as well as time, was the fact that he was aware of his novice level for the job, and still acted as if he was able to conduct the job without any difficulties. His high level of conference and attitude let others believe, he could do the job, while in reality he was unable to even determine whether a three dimension model or a two dimension model was required for the stress test.

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