Sample Essay

If in a case where one would be faced with the situation as with Gary Anderson, where he was assigned to a project which was openly communicated to him, at the time of initiation,  as being the ‘baby’ of another manager, one would not have taken the responsibility of heading the project.

The reason for this is the fact that when there are more than one people in the leadership position, handling a task or a project, they tend to have conflicts of interest, and conflicts in terms of which approach should be used in the management, development, planning and execution of the project. In such cases the person with more experience and seniority tends to win, which is what happened to Gary Anderson in the case

The tool of Microsoft Project is a system specifically designed for managing projects. The tool provides the features of budgeting and planning for projects, performing statistical data for proactive planning and real time simulation of costing of the project. Aside from this the tool also enables the user to determine the WBS based schedule of operations and tasks for managing the project in terms of the specific deadlines set. The views provided by the tool enable the user to analyses the project from the point of view of individual tasks, to the scope of the whole project.

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