Sample Essay

“The advertising market consists of agencies providing advertising including display advertising services. The market value reflects income of the agencies from such services. Any currency conversions used in the creation of this report have been calculated using constant 2006 annual average exchange rates.” (‘The Advertising Industry in Germany Consists of Three Leading Companies’, 2007) Therefore for a company to start operations in the industry of marketing and advertising, the company has to be very familiar with the clients, the target market as well as the region of operations. Moreover, aside form the comprehension and in-depth understanding of the target market the company also requires to have an established image and reputation in the market as well. The company currently dies not have this kind of an image in the German market and industry as it had not been operating in this region. However, the company does have a significant base of international and multinational clients and customers that can provide leverage to the company in terms of establishing it self in the market.

In order to the establish the company and its operations in the industry the Synergy Marketing International Company would need to acquire a small to medium advertising/ marketing business operating in the same market as the company and having similar operations as the company in Germany. The entry strategy therefore that is chosen for the company to expand its operations into Germany is that of acquisition. Acquisition is the best suited strategy as this takes into account the fact that the company has no experience in operating in a market even similar or akin to the market on Germany. The market entry strategy of acquisitions would provide the company with access to an already established framework for operations in the region.

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