Sample Essay

For the context of this paper the company that is chosen to be the subject of this paper is the fictional company of Synergy Marketing International. The company is a business operating in the service sector which basically provides consultancy as well as marketing services to the clients. The company is an advertising agency which creates new advertisements for its clients and gets them disseminated on the public communication channels through media houses and brand activation agencies. The company therefore is in the business of proving marketing based services as well as facilitating its clients to promote their company and products to their target markets.

The company is currently based in the United Arab Emirates with its head quarters in the Media region of Dubai. The company was initiated in the early 1980s and sought to provide the customer services pertaining to marketing consultancy and brand initiation and management. Over the period of time the company has grown significantly through its operations ion the Media City region and the economic development of Dubai as well as the Middle East. The company has previously handled accounts for big multinational companies like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Levi Strauss, Luna Food Products, Noor, and other consumer products. Aside form this the company has also been involved in Corporate branding and marketing which pertains to offering marketing services to companies for establishing and marketing their corporate image and brand. The company started off as a small business with 25 employees, but in the last 30 years due to the extensive activity and investment taking place in the field of marketing and advertising and the increasing amounts of marketing/ advertising budgets of the clients, the company now has about 90 employees involved in the operations and the management of the business in the United Arab Emirates.

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