Sample Essay

When it comes to international marketing or marketing in the international market and industries, the concept of positioning becomes more difficult. “In the international market, approaches and techniques available to domestics markets also apply for segmenting markets, defining target markets, and devising positioning and marketing mix strategies attractive to these markets.” (Sandhusen, 2000, p287) Despite the similarity of techniques employed to position, companies in international markets face many challenges and constraints.

The challenges that are faced by companies when it comes to positioning in the international market pertain to the differences in the external environments in the different countries and the cultural influences that make it difficult to position the product along the same lines in all the countries in the international market. “The problem of paucity of sources of valid, reliable information on which to build segmentation, targeting and positioning leads to a problem of effectively applying information that is generated.” (Sandhusen, 2000, p287) This is why the companies often adopt diversified positioning strategies in the different international markets that are relevant to the business environments in the local domestic markets.

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