Sample Essay

It is important to note that the entry timing is not the only basis for success of a company or a product. The market as well as the strategies employed for establishing the product in the market is equally important as well and this determines which entry strategy and timing should be used based on different scenarios. “The introduction and use of entry momentum in the study of entry timing effect and entry strategy provide insights into the overall nature of the net advantages associated with entries at different times.

The link between entry momentum and product life cycle further revealed the timing intricacies in the entry advantage-firm performance relationship. It is the entry momentum, not just the advantages or disadvantages by themselves, that determines the performance outcome.” (Xie)

The first mover market entry strategy is the option which is feasible for the company if there exist too many competitors and players in the related industry. In such cases, the company should opt for targeting a niche market with a brand new product and create a market for itself.

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