There is the authority criterion which determines the fiscal as well as the administrative obligations which will be exercised by the officials when conducting a project. For instance in the case of direct procurement, the head of the independent organization concerned has been endowed with authority to approve completion of projects which are estimated to cost less than SR1 million. Interestingly, the authority does not extend to any project which is less than SR 500,000 (Latham, 1994).

In case of public tenders, the head of the organization concerned with the commencement of the project has his authority to execute hinged on SR 3 million or more. However, his deputy or nominees have the power to approve any project which is less than SR million.
The terms and conditions must be elucidated to provide an accurate and comprehensive format of specifications. Specifications as well as quantity tables must be provided on the basis which the competing contractors submit their respective tenders (Latham, 1994). After certifying that the contractors have qualified to perform the required work, they can seek copies of the terms, specifications as well as quantity tables of the national project being tendered.

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