It is evident from the foregoing that PPPs are the way to go if the government is to have the infrastructure delivered when needed, spread expenses over a long time in the life of the asset and increase their capital to invest. However, the PPP procurement has yet to take off in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, there is hope as shown by the near completion of the King Abdul Aziz Endowment of the Two Holy Mosque Project. Nonetheless, the traditional procurement project which has plagued the Saudi government for many decades will be discussed in detail in the next chapter.

4.0 Chapter Four


This chapter will focus will be centred on understanding the traditional procurement process. The risks involved as well as the advantages which inform the Saudi Government to stick with it for so many years. Moreover, its disadvantages shall be discussed. The procedure followed in the execution of public projects will be highlighted, the tendering process and other factors which are pertinent in the understanding of the traditional procurement route.

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