Sample Essay

When the company went into production of the Boeing 747 aircraft, it did not have a large enough manufacturing and production facility where the company would construct the aircraft. As a result the company had to improvise and the team undertook production at the site inEverettwhere a new facility was developed for the Boeing 747. As a result a separate project pertaining to the production of the plant for the Boeing 747 also commenced alongside the project of Boeing 747.

In the production phase due to the two projects being rolled out, the project for Boeing 747 fell short of schedule. In this shortage of time a mock up of the 747 was built before the plant was event completed yet. As a result the roof of the facility was made after the construction of the plane, making the facility of the largest plants in the world. Moreover the facility which was developed was more of an assembly plant than a factory. The time available for the production due to the production of the plant resulted in only 4 years for the project 747 team. As a result they had to speed up operations, pull in odd hours and work at a breakneck pace to complete production and provide for delivery to Pan Am in 1970. The Project 747 team as a result came to be known as ‘The Incredibles’

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