Sample Essay

The first 747 aircraft to be sold and delivered was to Pan Am which was christened by Patricia Nixon in 1970. The first flight on the plane also took place in January 1970 which was an intercontinental flight between the JFK International Airport and the London Heathrow Airport. The aircraft was able to create instant levels of standards over night on the basis of the performance of the Boeing 747.

There was criticism posed by people that the aircraft was too large and that the size of the aircraft was going to be problem some in flight and emergency situation but in the testing and even after the utilization of the aircraft by airlines it was determined that the size of the aircraft actually gave it more stability than the other, and this combined with the four jet engines and the redundant breaks, and emergency components made the aircraft of the safest air traffic vehicles. However there were concerns that the plane would not be suitable for the airport structure in the1970s however the Boeing Corporation made special reservation and funded the construction of special hangers for airports which were not compatible with the aircraft even with the planes structural modifications.

Fuel efficiency was one of the main concerns for the Boeing 747 as a result of the Arab Oil Crisis. This resulted in the economic stagnation in the US and lowered the number of air traffic to airports. This made it difficult to fill the Being 747 with passengers and in order to accommodate these airlines made modification to in the plane to put in more luxuries like piano rooms and bars.

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