Sample Essay

The testing phase for the project 747 was initiated even before the development of the aircraft was not finished. The different components and the set ups in the aircraft were tested.

The most complex test however was the emergency evacuation in which about 560 people were evacuated in the test in more than 2 minutes. The FAA however had mandated 90 seconds for evacuation and as a result the project team had to modify the evacuation system in order to correspond to this. The problem was identified as the evacuation of passengers from the upper deck, for which instead of a slide a reel harnessed was employed.  The size of the aircraft rendered it stability so even when the side flap was damaged in the test ruin the Plane was able to remain stable in air. However the flutter testing employed depicted that the wings of the plane did suffer form oscillations in certain conditions. IN order to rectify this depleted uranium was inserted as counterweight in the outboard engines.

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