Sample Essay

The high bypass turbofan engine was an invention specifically for the Boeing 747, which enables the aircraft to double its speed with the additional load and heavy weight capacity. This engine was fuel efficient as well at the time, consuming only a third of the original fuel consumption proposition. According to the design, four of these engines were used and mounted on to the wings of the aircraft.

The cabin of the aircraft was however kept as a large vessel as it was predicted that the Boeing 747 would be followed by high speed planes the like of Concord which could speed up travel. As a result the project management at Boring predicted that the being 747 would soon become obsolete. Therefore in order to keep the aircraft operational and in demand the one vessel structure as adopted which allowed the aircraft to be modified into a cargo carrier at a later date.

Another structural issue that was raised was the sheer size of the aircraft and the safety and flexibility of the aircraft. For this the company gave the aircraft multiple structure redundancy as well as additional hydraulics and four main landing gears. These were all backups in case of failure of any of the working/ operational components. Additionally the wind of the aircraft also had to be shifted and slopped towards the back at an odd angel I order to enable the aircraft to fit inside the hangers in the airport.

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