Sample Essay

SAP NetWeaver MDM Services

The SAP ERP system allows the clients to attain a master data based view of the operations and the resultant data collection. This data is useful for decision makers, consolidation of the operation as well as for making improvements in the business process. The visualization and graph based reporting provides for executive decision making and data management. These options are highly customize able allowing the client to adjust the reporting function according to their requirements. SAP NetWeaver MDM is data management software which allows the clients to consolidate, integrate, store as well as comprehend data in order to align it with the objectives of the clients’ business.

SAP Productivity Pak by RWD

The SAP Productivity Pak tool is a tool provided by SAP to its clients which provides support for determining the performance of the end user. This application aids the employees of the client business to know how to use the implemented solution provided by SAP allowing for employee empowerment and better management of data in the business.

Other value added service provided by the company pertain to consulting services for the businesses as well as the system handlers and the end users for SAP solution, the outsourcing of business processing, and aid and support directed towards the financing of SAP solutions. The company also provides support for hosting applications and for the maintenance for the software and hardware installed and implemented by SAP for its clients.

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