Sample Essay

A leading company in the departmental stores sector of the retail industry is the Federates Departmental Stores Inc. The Federates Departmental Stores Inc. is a company that is also based in theUnited Statesand provides a wide range of upscale retail stores to the market. The products that are sold at these retail stores pertain to consumer goods merchandise including house furnishings and apparel for women, children and men. The company runs 845 retail stores in theUnited Statesunder the operations of its companies Bloomingdales and Macy’s (‘Federates Departmental Stores Inc. – Official Company Website’).

Majority of these stores however are located in the urban and the suburban areas of the Unites States and its major cities provide a wide range of branded goods to the customer by Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and TH. The Macy’s subsidiary also provides home furnishing, consumer goods, apparel and lifestyle goods to the consumers through its retail stores. Aside from this the Federates Departmental Stores Inc. also runs the websites for online shopping under its subsidiary brand name and operations.

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