Sample Essay

Safe Passage

The Safe Passage solution provided by the SAP Company allows users of other systems like Peoplesoft, Siebel and JD Edwards to successfully migrate to the SAP platform. It addresses issues for the users and the programmers pertaining to skills, knowledge, cost duplication, ease of comprehension while enabling the clients to continue their business operations.

SAP Enterprise Support

The SAP Enterprise Support provides the SAP clients with maintenance and support services as per the service level agreements. This pertains to quality checks, support advisory and any additional or advanced support that may be required by the clients for the implementation of the ERP system.

SAP MaxAttention

SAP provides customized services to clients through onsite specialists who aid the clients optimizing the SAP software. This is done through focusing on key areas that make yup the clients business and then providing specialist expertise which can aid in technology adoption and optimization in these areas.

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