Sample Essay

The SAP ERP system is one of the best and the most famous ERP systems available in the market. The company has established its brand name and reputation in the software industry pertaining to the effective SAP products and ERP modules.The SAP ERP system is also based on the typical function based modular option, however the specialization of SAP is that it caters to a wide market and therefore has modules for specialized functions in specialized industries as well e.g. Ship breaking, energy products etc. The basic modules however that are covered by SAP pertain to manufacturing, supply chain management, financials, project management, human resource management, customer relationship manage as well as data warehousing, These systems aid in the automation of the business processes as well as allow the business to adopt technological innovation to facilitate the business operation. The ERP systems are typically divided into modules or function wise components. These modules can be sold as a core system or as independent modules depending on the requirements of a business.

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