Sample Essay

The main competitors of the Clif Bar Inc include Slim Fast, Atkins Nutritionals and PowerBar. The Slim Fast Foods, which has recently been taken overby Unilever, is a company operating in the weight reducing and weight maintenance industry which makes products specifically for people losing waiting. Atkins Nutritionals is also another company operating in the weight loss, reduction and energy food market. PowerBar, a company taken over by Nestle,  operates in the energy foods market and provides energy drinks as well as energy bars and meal replacement products.

The takeover of the main competing companies in the market for Clif Bar by prominent multinational groups like Unilever and Nestle poses threat to the company in terms of its scale of operations and its capacity to provide the required amount of products to its customers in the market. Moeover the niche market of healthy concious customers is being targeted by others in the market as well increasing competition for the company. The capacity strategies of the competitors are expansive and therefore the company needs to aggressively increase its capacity to manufacture and disseminate its products in the market by increasing customer contact points and activity in the distribution channels. The capaicty areas which the company needs to target in order to improve its production capaicty pertain to the stored inventory of finnished and un finned goods as well a the per hour production capacity of its specific plants.

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