Sample Essay

The Clif Bar Inc is a company which focuses on supplementing the diet of the customers with healthy organic food and manufactured products such as energy bars. The aim of the business is to provide an alternative form of food supplement which is healthy and supports the active lifestyle of its customers.

The company has its headquarters based inBerkeleyCaliforniaand initially commenced business as a small scaled bakery known as Kali’s Bakery. Their target market of the barky at that time was organic food and products made from organic fruits, vegetables and milk. The evolving company, the Clif Bar Inc also has the same characteristics; however the company has now moved onto more innovative forms of foods like snacks and nutrition and energy bars which can be consumed while on the move or when traveling.


The company has two product lines, one is the Clif Bar which is targeted specifically at men, while the other is Luna Bars which is specifically made for the female target market. The target market of the company pertains to active people who lead busy lives and a highly stressful and active lifestyle. The company is also highly focused towards promoting sports in the community and as a result tends to aid and sponsor regional sports meets and programs as well as increase health and environment awareness for the members in the community.

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