Sample Essay

Consumers of Clif Bar in Canada and United Kingdom can access the company website or of its distributors/ retailers to place orders for the energy bars. Aside from this the company formed partnerships with retail stores, vendors in the markets as well as with distribution channels in order to increase the production and the distribution scale of the products.

Through investment in the marketing and distribution strategies, the company has been able to further increase the demand for its products. The current capacity of 350,000 per annum is therefore insufficient to fulfill the current demand for Clif Bar Inc. products, specifically that of Clif Bar and Luna Bar.

The controls for the operations are set up at both the internal production facility as well as the outsourced facility on a real time basis. Clif bar Inc. invested in an ERP pakcaged by SAP to control operations in the company while integrating its various processes and functions. The software enables the company to document and monitor the inventory and the production capacity at the different stages of the production process, allowing the company to identify areas of constraints and bottlenecks.

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