Sample Essay

The aspect of marriage that is covered by Nella is uniquely different as from other accounts of World War and women. As she is a middle aged woman during war with grown sons, she clearly depicts her envy for the women who would be getting married after the war was over. She explains this by stating that the women in the future would be able to select the men they want to marry, have their own lives and independence as well as have a life where they do not have to arrange their lives according to the men in their lives. This presents position of women and their liberty before and after the war and the related perception of a woman during the Second World War.

On the whole the book provides how ordinary families in Britain coped with war and the issues that it raised back home for them. The perspective of women is made evident by the book on life during and after the war, especially on the issues that were faced by them and the hardships that they had to go through in order to survive. One woman, Nella’s recorded experience provides that women at that time were strong institutions that pulled families through the turbulent times of war to emerge successful in claiming a new way of life for themselves, showing how a different kind of war was won by them at home.

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