Sample Essay

The diary on which the book is based was commenced by Nella Last as part of the Mass Observation Archive Program in 1939 where she volunteered to contribute and work for the archive. Her main objective was to be able to record the opinions of the British public on the war as well as the life inBritain, and how it was affected by war

The unique aspect of the book Nella Last’s War is that it does not focus on the recreating the atmosphere of war or describing the events that formed the war enforced with the attitude. Instead the book provides in depth and valuable insight into the emotions being felt by a woman with grown sons and her opinion on war and life during war. The perspective of the general British public is represented in the book instead of the devastation of war and a recounting of the war based events. Her struggle to cope with the Blitz and to control her nerves are evidently recorded in her diary entries which depict how she manages to think of and develop unique ways through which to survive the war period. The war time struggle in the book is depicted through the perspective of the woman, Nell who has a distant and withdrawn husband and sons who have long left the home. The modern empty nest situation puts a unique perspective on the accounts of Nella Last from 1939 in a realistic and original manner.

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