Sample Essay

In the book titled ‘Sociology: Themes and Perspectives’ the authors mention that “The idea of a society in which people will no longer be ranked in terms of prestige, no one will suffer the indignity of being relegated to a position which commands little respect, wealth will be distributed equally among the population, and divisions between rich and poor and haves and have-nots will be things of the past now strikes us as a rather romantic, perhaps even foolish, ideal left over from the 1960s.”(Keiken et al, 2006).

This is depicted in the 7 Up episode and the following Up series, as the consequent positions and roles played by the individuals in the series were very much confined to the expected outcome for them pertaining to their social class and position in the society. However there were certain outliers in the case of Paul. The theory that the life and the future of the child is set at birth due to the social class he is born into was somewhat provided in through the documentary.

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