The following paper provides a book report and review of the book Nella Lasts War which is based on the personal diary entries of Nella Last, and edited by Robert Broad and Suzie Fleming. The diary excerpts have now been made into a short miniseries titled Housewife 49 which also provide insight into the life of a female women an in Britain at the time the when the whole world was at war.

The book Nella Last’s war is essentially asset of periodic records about life. A normal housewife and mother who had her son enrolled in an army started writing a diary at the start of the World War II in 1939 and proceeded to continue with the task even after the war. The book Nella Lasts’s War provides the entries in her diary which correspond with the World War II providing how the war was powerful as well as different for the people at the home front. The entries that have been made by Nella are descriptive as well as regular in their recordings providing us with a high quality periodic set of records on the lives of the civilian public inBritain. As it was Nella’s aim to depict how the life inBritainwas affected by war, she manages to depict in her diary entries the various feelings of the general civilian public in Britain relating to the war at hand.

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