Sample Essay

Woody Doane in his article ‘Rethinking Whiteness Studies’ mentioned that whiteness studies now tend to reserve the traditional focus of the research in race relations. This is done by concentrating on the social constructs present in the society and the impact the white social groups have had on the others.

The whiteness studies are essentially the critique of the race, ethnicity, and sociological relations prevalent in the society. The author identified that the different ethnicities of the world were regarded as minorities while the white population has been depicted as the dominant group. The argument put forward by Doane is that the Whiteness Studies provide for an analysis and insight into the specific social and historical constructs pertaining to the different races, their tradition and the interaction with the white race. He is focused on establishing the connection of how the historical events have affected the society in terms of status of the different races and their theology.


The author also raised the topic pertaining to modern society and whiteness as a social construct and investigated as to why whiteness has been ignored in the sociological study of race and ethnicity. Doan was able to identify that in the current society racism and white dominance still remains. In order to analyze the existing of these factors even after the declaration of equal human rights socialists as well as theorists have now focused research on racial stratification

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