Sample Essay

This is the strength as well as the weakness of the article as the integrity of the article is highly affected by location of publication. This however did affect the popularity of the article and the propaganda in the 1950s but the article has caught on significance in the light of the recent events taking place.

The article was effective at the time of its publishing in terms of raising the doubts in the minds of the people regarding the military and peace establishing policies of theUnited States. Several anti American groups were formed which started to monitor the specific American military strategies being established all over the world. One of the results of the anti American sentiment being propagated by the article was in the form of the events that led to the terrorist attacks and the subsequent attacks on the military troops in the African and Asian part of the worlds. However in light of the events of the war on terror by George W Bush the context of the article was fully realized. This was because the article tended to explain and propose the very doubts which are being realized now in the European as well as the American community regarding theUnited Statesstrategies for military proliferations.

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