Sample Essay

Historically as well the article was of importance as it depicted the absolute power of America at the time when most countries obviously and openly trusted the country due to its contribution in the World War II.The target audience of the article includes the people who read the magazine, mostly the ambassadors and the general literate population of theGermanywhich was not pro American. The resentment of the country in the German and European region was being exploited in this article where the


The article was effective in establishing a doubt in the minds of the people about the importance of the military proliferation of the American army in far flung areas of the world. The reason for the establishment of the military bases in theMiddle Eastand East Asian regions was specifically targeted. This was stated as being a long term military policy of theUnited Statesto be the supreme power in the world having the military resources and intelligence available to manipulate the political scenario. However at the time of its publishing the article did not rouse as much of suspicion and doubts in the minds of the people, as it does today. Giant this is mostly due to the careless attitude and strategy taken up by theUnited Statesin its War against terrorism.

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