Sample Essay

The main advantage that is achieved by implementing a SAP produced and installed ERP system is that the business transformation for the company pertaining to adoption of technology is made very simple through the SAP ERP system. The businesses as a result can align their operations with their strategies by implementing SAP based ERP technology systems. THE sap systems can be used to transform the human resource and capital management function as well as turn the finance of the business into a profitable partner.

Moreover the companies implementing SAP can also benefit from the innovations of SAP without disturbing or hampering their day to day operations.  The companies can also achieve a higher degree of efficiency in its operations through high speed and agility. The streamlined business processes that have been integrated through SAP based ERP reduce business process costs making the company more efficient and profitable.

All the services that are provided by SAP to its client are provided according to the three implementation phases pertaining to planning, implementing and running. The following figures provide a comprehensive picture of the services offered.

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