Sample Essay

The SAP ERP solution implementation allows the companies to take advantage of the integration of their business processes and the cost and process efficiencies which result in higher productivity, better quality of decision making and effective communication in the company resulting in the attainment of the organizational goals of higher profits and revenue for the company. However companies that are seeking to implement SAP based ERP solution should take into account the following suggestions for an effective implementation of the ERP system.

In order to take full advantage of the benefits provided by the SAP ERP solution, the company should invest in a suitable SAP professional based consultant company or agents who can drive the implementation of the ERP and establish the required infrastructure and network required for the SAP platform. Moreover it is also is also important for a business to reengineer its business proce4sses prior to the implementation of the SAP ERP solution as this will enable the integration of the required and the essential business processes, removing any discrepancies and redundancies in the old systems. The company should revaluate its business processes therefore to determine which are essential for operations and which are cost driving consuming more investment than the productivity or return that they are providing for the company.

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