Sample Essay

The company should also be ready for the streamlining of the business processes and the operations of the company. They should also have a positive attitude towards change in terms of technology orientation. The technology oriented culture has to be established in the company and as a result it is important to have a change management function established in the company to oversee the transition of the business. Moreover the company also needs to seek training for its employees on the ERP solution on the SAP platform. Moreover a proper business plan and test should be conducted before the complete deployment of the ERP system to remove any discrepancies at an early stage of the implementation.

Conclusively it can be highlighted that the implementation of the ERP Solution by SAP is beneficial for a company in order to streamline its operation and improve the efficiency, and speed while reducing the costs of operating and managing the business. Moreover the large scale operations can increasingly benefit from the integration of their business processes through the SAP ERP solution. However the companies should be technology oriented and ready for change in order to invest in SAP ERP systems. Moreover they need to priorities business process reengineering, change management as well as training if their staff for an effective implementation of the SAP ERP Solution.

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