Writing an extremely good quality essay is hard to write sometimes but it is not impossible depending on determination and dedication of a student. With determination, dedication and practice it can be done. There are certain rules and regulations of writing good essays and if they are followed appropriately satisfying the requirements of the professor than you are not far away from getting an A in your essay. The purpose of this article is exactly to provide you guidance on how you can achieve that. Below are some useful points for you to consider.

Know the Purpose

Analyze the purpose of writing the essay. Do you want to convince the readers through arguments? Do you want to provide information to your readers? Always be clear about the purpose only then you will be able to write with coherence.

Identify the Audience

Once you have carefully analyzed the purpose of writing the essay identify who your audience is. Your most likely audience will be your fellow students and the professor.

Use Correct Language

Structure your essay according to the rules of grammar. Properly structure the sentences with correct grammar and spelling. Avoid using contractions such as can’t, don’t, won’t, instead use the correct format. Avoid using slang words. Be direct and precise. Most importantly keep your sentences short using appropriate language.


Most importantly revise your essay over and over again. Look for errors and make alterations. Many students avoid revising their essays and fail to get good grades. It is better to go through the agony than to regret later.

Find Credible Sources

Make sure that your sources are authentic and credible. Many professors look for the sources and if the sources are not authentic you may get a low grade.

Avoid Plagiarism

Lastly and most importantly incorporate in text citations to give credit to the original authors. Use software to check whether your essay is plagiarism free. Remember plagiarism can have very serious consequences on your academic career.

These are some of the tips for you to get a good grade. For more help please seek custom essay writing services of custom essay live.

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