It is a question that many parents and teachers wonder that when will high school and college students realize that writing essays is so important. May students argue when it comes to writing essays on a subject that is their mainstream subjects that how is it going to help them? The truth indeed is that every course being studied in college is important because it equips students with handy information.

For instance some students may question that studying psychology can be useless when studying business courses. Psychology is a study of the brain and human behavior in general and it can help understand consumer behavior and what motivates a consumer to buy a certain product. Therefore, psychology is an important subject to study when studying business courses. The purpose of this article is to provide students some useful points on why writing essays remain of utmost importance for students in high school and college. Below are some useful points to consider.

Wide Array of Information

Writing essays is not a simple task as it requires comprehensive understanding and research on the chosen topic in a particular course. A student who is assigned to write an essay has to go through the process of in depth research in order to acquire enough information to write an essay. Without gathering information and proper sources an essay can be impossible to write. Therefore, this process of conducting research can enhance knowledge and broaden horizons on different topics.

Challenges the Intellect

Once the sources and information have been gathered it has to be determined whether the information collected is viable or not. It has to be determined whether the information is going to satisfy the readers or not by backing the information with strong arguments, facts and figures. Therefore, in this whole process the intellect of students is challenged.

Prepares for Future

Writing essays is not only about being able to write in a comprehensive manner but it is also about thinking out of the box and being able to make decisions under any circumstances. Therefore, college life itself is a way or discipline for students to prepare themselves for harsh times ahead in practical life.

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