The most difficult aspect of writing an essay is to convince the teacher. Many times you write your essay putting in lots of hard work but at the end you get back your essay with red marks all over it making feel down to write essays the next time. Sometimes teachers have very strict criteria for checking the minute of details in your essay and even a single mistake is treated as a big disaster. From there perspective they want their students to perfect their writing skills by not repeating mistakes and writing as per the provided instructions. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful guidelines on what teachers really look for in an essay. Below are some useful points for you to consider.

Correct Grammar and Structure

Do not overlook the grammar and structural aspects of writing the essay as many professors have the tendency to reject it if there are such mistakes. No matter how well researched your essay is if it contains grammar and structural errors it will be rejected by your teacher. The best solution to this problem is to revise your essay over and over until you feel confident about your essay.


Teachers also look for how relevant your material is. For instance, your teacher has asked you to write an essay on assisted suicide and you write about suicide that is committed due to psychological problems or other kinds of environmental pressures than your essay is irrelevant. Therefore, make sure your essay is about assisted suicide only with appropriate arguments.


Your teachers also look for the sources you have incorporated in your essay. They look for authenticity of the sources. If your sources are not credible and authentic than you may be criticized by your teacher. Make an extra effort to look for authentic sources to avoid any problems with your teacher.

Flow and Coherence

Lastly, your teachers also check for coherence in your essays. Avoid writing on issues that are not required. Stick to the main theme of the essay throughout. Moreover, try to be as direct and precise you can be.

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