The average SAT essay score (for reading, analysis, and writing) is a 5 4 5. However, you shouldn’t actually strive for an average SAT essay score. If you want your application to gain from it, you must land above that.

  • Reading
  • Analysis
  • Writing

If you want to perform well on the SAT essay, you must take into account a number of things. These are them:
To receive a perfect grade, you must show that you are competent in each of the three areas.

To begin with, you must demonstrate that you fully comprehend the topic of your essay. There is absolutely no room for even the smallest errors. You want to demonstrate that you understand the facts and can make accurate interpretations of them.

The personal conclusions you make in your essay are what analysis is all about. You must demonstrate that your writing is more than just a stream of thought. Your thesis should be well-developed and backed up by solid, pertinent data.
The writing process also involves presentation. Here, you must demonstrate that you have a command of the language. It goes beyond grammar.

Even the specific word choice counts. Your writing grade will be based on how well you organize your thoughts. Watch your writing style as well. It must always be formal for a major academic article like this one. whatever the topic.

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