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The literature available does not exactly put forward any one particular reason that would specify why women do not leave their violent partners; in fact, the literature gives many reasons behind such a scenario.

These reasons may be commitment, satisfaction level, the quality of alternatives, religious beliefs, patriarchal attitudes, depression, low self-esteem and simply deciding that they would rather stay. In the literature is also given the devastating consequences resulting from such physical mistreatment of women in terms of broken limbs, blindness and even death. Nevertheless, considering the psychological abuse that the women have to go through, there is not really any direct causal relationship. Still, the literature available relates the anecdotes from women which very apparently look at the mortifying and derisive consequences resulting from such a kind of abuse. What is more worrying is that psychological abuse has proven to be even worse than physical abuse.

Battered women feel extremely humiliated and degraded. They have been through a lot which has made them feel worthless and embarrassed. They no longer have any self-esteem and cannot think for themselves. It is only the abused and humiliated women who can actually understand why the battered women do not simply spare themselves the agony and step out of the abusive relationship.

This paper will look into this issue regarding the reasons psychologically as to why the battered women persistently continue with abusive relationships rather than leaving their violent partners.

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